Horizon South (11v11 field is S of grade school, N of 9th-grade campus)


Kiwanis Park


9th-Grade Campus Fields (most fields are N of bldg, between 9th-grade campus and Horizon Elementary. Park E and N of bldg.)


Pitt Fields (these are 8v8 and 6v6 fields W of the 9th-Grade campus. We think. Why Holt has three different names for the same small collection of fields only Holt knows. Park S and W of bldg.)


Sycamore Fields (as far as we can tell this is the same location as Holt's Kiwanis Park. They may be calling their 11v11 field something different from their 8v8 and 6v6 fields. Look for a bunch of kids the approx. size of your kid and odds are you're in the right place)


Washington Woods (Surprise! Its the fourth name for the fields at the 9th-Grade Campus! These fields may be to the E of the bldg.)