ELSC teams are formed each summer for the subsequent fall / spring season. Teams carry over from the fall to the spring; your registration is for a full year.

CASL teams will be formed after the June tryouts. Because this is a Select league players are competing for limited roster positions and not every player who tries out will be offered a position. ELSC CASL players will demonstrate higher levels of physical ability, coordination, decision-making and committment to the sport. The ELSC has granted broad discretion to our ooaches in forming CASL teams. CASL families can expect to generally have 16 scheduled game each year (8 fall / 8 spring), facing teams from the neighboring communities. Please se the CASL website for additional information, including scholarship opportunies.

Recreational soccer is intended to be fun and educational. We will accept as many able players as we can, subject only to league limits on roster size and the avaialability of volunteer coaches. Recreational Soccer families can expect to have between 10 and 16 scheduled games each year, over the fall and spring, faciing teams from the neighboring communities in the Eastside Soccer League. Please see the ESSL website for additional information.

All players who register with us will be contacted by a coach between the first date of the CASL tryouts and the middle of August. CASL rosers are generally finalized by the weekend after the 4th of July. All playes that try out for a CASL team will be contacted the coaching staff who will explain the outcome of the tryout. Players not making a CASL rosterwill be placed on an age-appropriate Rec team.

2016-2017 Kindergarten

Team Name Owner Schedule

Kindergarten - 2016 Fall

Team Name Owner Schedule
Kindergarten M1 Abbey Barrett
Kindergarten M2 Abbey Barrett
Kindergarten T1 Abbey Barrett
Kindergarten T2 Abbey Barrett

Kindergarten - 2017 Spring

Team Name Owner Schedule
Kindergarten M1 Alyssa Klump
Kindergarten W1 Alyssa Klump

2016-2017 Teams

Team Name Owner Schedule
1st Boys - Curran Jim Curran
1st Boys - Fennell Chris Fennell
1st Girls - Brogan Eric Brogan
1st Girls - Genser Holly Genser
2nd Boys - Keesler Venessa Keesler
2nd Boys - Sayers Amy Sayers
2nd Boys - Super Strikers Tim Bushman
2nd Girls - Jester John Jester
2nd Girls - Lampi Stephanie Lampi
3rd Boys - Preisser Sarah Preisser
3rd Boys - Spencer Andy Spencer
3rd Girls - Camilleri Jenine Camilleri
3rd Girls - Plowright Philip Plowright
4th Boys - Awuro/Paddock Stephane Awuro
U10 Boys - Fortman Nik Fortman
U10 Boys - Robinson Will Robinson
U10 Girls - VanOtteren Bruce VanOtteren
U11 Boys - Ahlin Chris Ahlin
U11 Boys - Swanson Micah Swanson
U11 Girls - Carney Scott Carney
U12 Boys - Renfro Blair Renfro
U12 Girls - Keesler Jeff Keesler
U13 Boys - Bonnell John Bonnell
U13 Boys - Laxton Brian Laxton
U15 Boys - Majano Majano Pablo
U15 Girls - Robinson Will Robinson

2017-2018 Kindergarten

Team Name Owner Schedule

Kindergarten 2017 Fall

Team Name Owner Schedule
Kindergarten All Scott Carney

Kindergarten 2018 Spring

Team Name Owner Schedule

2017-2018 Teams

Team Name Owner Schedule
1st Boys - TBD Scott Carney
1st Girls - TBD Scott Carney
2nd Boys - Curran Jim Curran
2nd Boys - Fennell Chris Fennell
2nd Girls - Brogan Eric Brogan
2nd Girls - Winsett-Noel Jodi Winsett-Nohel
3rd Girls - Jester John Jester
3rd Girls - Lampi Stephanie Lampi
3rd/4th Boys - Bushman Tim Bushman
3rd/4th Boys - Keesler Venessa Keesler
5th/6th Boys - Basal Sam Basal
U10 Boys - Hanna Ryan Hanna
U10 Boys - McAndrews Dave McAndrews
U10 Girls - Camilleri Jenine Camilleri
U11 Boys - Fortman Nik Fortman
U11 Boys - Robinson Will Robinson
U11 Girls - LeDuc Laura LeDuc
U12 Boys - Ahlin Chris Ahlin
U12 Girls - Carney Scott Carney
U13 Boys - Renfro Blair Renfro
U13 Girls - Russell Kazi Russell
U15 Boys - Bonnell John Bonnell
U15 Boys - McGuire Ben McGuire


Team Name Owner Schedule
2014-2015 Inactive Scott Carney
2015-2016 Inactive Scott Carney
2016-2017 Inactive Scott Carney
2017-2018 Inactive Fall Scott Carney


Team Name Owner Schedule
Coaches Scott Carney
ELSC Board 2017-2018 Scott Carney